Finalist at The Inaugural Art Piece Gallery 30 x 30 Art Prize Exhibition

I'm excited to be entered as a finalist to exhibit for the inaugural Art Piece Gallery 30 x 30 cm Art Prize. The competition is now a local annual event for the artist's calendar for a chance to win the top prize of $6,000 to help kick-start artists career and grow further.

The entry I have submitted are typical examples of my style painting on plastic with synthetic polymer paint. I wanted to capture a couple of scenes of the local area and decided to focus on Byron Bay main beach. A view from Apex park and a scene of the wreck. Both paintings were taken from initially sketches back earlier this year when we had a good bit of swell coming into the bay. It was a fun time and the wreck was 'off the hook" with awesome tubes and surprisingly not too many people out. The Wreck is one of my favorites and for those who don't know the Wreck, it's conveniently nicknamed when a boat hit the reef and sunk there and happens to now create an awesome bank for surfing when the swell hits it at the right direction. For the painting I wanted to capture the energy in the water pouring onto the wreck, and also elements surrounding the scene, tourists watching this surfer getting barrelled, the energy in the water crashing and also the backdrop of Mount Warning, it's a great composition where it lets your eye explore a bit and you see more each time you look.

For Apex Park, this scene was like capturing your everyday life down on the main beach with the view to The Pass and Byron Bay Lighthouse. People playing in the waves, surfing, walking along the beach with a slight breeze moving the trees and bushes.

The art-works has been archival framed with UV non-reflective glass, and ready to hang and will look epic on any wall. Come visit the gallery Art Piece gallery at Mullumbimby, NSW where you can see lots of talented artists works on display as well as my own. The 30 x 30 exhibition will run from 25th November 2017 until 22nd January 2018.

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Apex Park, Byron Bay -  SOLD

Apex Park, Byron Bay - SOLD

The Wreck, Bryon Bay

The Wreck, Bryon Bay